I could fill you with fluffy, convoluted reasons as to why I make art, but why complicate something so simple?  I make art because I love making art.  It's fun making my ideas and emotions into something tangible.  So, if you like my art, my writing, or me, please support me by buying me a coffee with Ko-fi, sharing posts, products or, even better, by purchasing some.

Thank you.




Interested in art, nature, music, food, cats (even though she's allergic), writing and Japanese language and culture.  Her favorite season is autumn.

Published author (‘Bramble’ [2018], ‘She Will Speak Series’ [2019]) and illustrator, Olivia Barnes has always been a creative person, although she went to college, she believes formal education is mostly irrelevant when it comes to art.  Creativity is an ongoing process, so even after graduating, she is always learning new techniques.

Born in San Antonio, TX, Olivia grew up in Florida and is currently living in Georgia.


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